Strauss Group reduces food waste through partnership with Leket Israel

August 2013. In Israel, hundreds of thousands tons of food are wasted each year. As a major food producer, the Strauss Group works with Leket Israel to ensure that food nearing its sell-by dates, but still suitable for eating, reaches the needy. Over 1.8 million people in Israel suffer from and desperately need this food […]

Leket Israel to speak at Temple Emanu-El

Bradenton Herald – Religion Almanac – Aug. 24, 2013. Speaker from Leket Israel: Lauren Yoked, Associate Director of Development for Israel’s National Food Bank will speak during Shabbat services at 7:30 p.m. Friday, at Temple Emanu-El in Sarasota. Leket Israel will rescue and distribute more 25 million pounds of produce and perishable goods for Israel’s […]

AEPi Fraternity Awards Leket Israel $25,000 at Centennial Celebration

In a recent TWEET by the Jewish Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), Leket Israel’s Lauren Yoked can be seen accepting a check for $25,000 by AEPi’s University of Houston chapter Upsilon Eta during the fraternity’s Centennial celebration held on August 7th, 2013 at the Waldorf-Astoria NYC.

Onward Israel volunteers join Leket

August 2013. In a recent TWEET by Onward Israel’s Doug Kandl, and retweeted by the Jewish Agency, participants of the Onward Israel’s service-learning program can be seen picking onions for the needy at Leket Israel’s farm located on Moshav Nahalal. Great work Onward Israel participants!

Fresh tomatoes from Moshav Sharona

August 2013 – Leket Israel recently dispatched its picking staff to Moshav Sharona (near Yavne’el in the Galil) to rescue 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs) of tomatoes. Rather than being left to fall and rot on the ground, the bountiful harvest was transferred to Leket Israel’s warehouses and then immediately distributed to needy families! Great […]

Delicious donations support 1,000 needy Israelis

August 2013. Leket Israel’s meal rescue team recently gathered food from 2 large events which will be distributed to feed 1,000 Israelis in need! Thank you to both Republic Catering and Estrea Catering for the delicious donations!

Conference for NGOs co-hosted by Leket Israel

August 2013. Leket Israel recently co-hosted a Conference for NGOs and other agenicies involved in food provision to pressure the government to fulfill their promise of allocating funds to resolve nutritional insecurity in the country. Leket Israel CEO Gidi Kroch states, “The government who takes so much money has to return it to those in […]

2,300 Meals Rescued from the Maccabiah Games

August 2013. From the closing event for the Maccabiah Games recently, 2,300 prepared meals were donated by Catering Republic. The meals help fed approximately 2,300 people in need across the country! Thanks to Catering Republic for working with Leket Israel’s Meal Rescue program!

Appreciation Breakfast for Sandwich Volunteers

August 2013. Each morning of the school year, our dedicated Sandwiches for Kids Project volunteers rise bright and early to prepare close to 9,000 sandwiches for disadvantaged school children. In honor of their dedication, Leket Israel recently hosted an appreciation breakfast. Have a great summer! Here’s to another nutritious year in 2013-2014!

Make Haste – Don’t Waste

Leket Israel recently spoke with food waste expert and author of American Wasteland, Jonathan Bloom, to learn more about his work in preventing food waste, the challenges we as a society face and how we can all make changes to minimize the problem. For the exclusive interview and for tips on how to reduce waste […]