World Food Day in Israel

October 2014 – About “World Food Day” in Israel. World Food Day was created by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and is celebrated annually on October 16th across 150 countries around the world to raise awareness of nutritional security. In Israel, 40% of food produced is wastefully thrown away across the […]

Parashat V’zot Habracha

Leket Israel and Parashat V’Zot HaBracha Parashat V’zot Ha’bracha brings the Torah to a close with Moses’ blessings of the Twelve Tribes as they are about to enter the land of Israel without him.  It is tempting to think of deathbed blessings of this kind as fixed predictions: this is what the future has in […]

V’zot Habracha Recipe – Date & Walnut Spelt Bread

Denise Phillips The Torah tells us that the 5 types of grain: wheat, oat, spelt, barley and rye, plus any grape or wine products are all required to be eaten in the Succah at Succot and need a special blessing. I like to bring spirituality to the Succah table so why not make this recipe […]

Gleaning With Project Leket As Part of ‘Green’ Israel Trip

Founded in 2005, Project Leket sends tens of thousands of Israeli and overseas volunteers, and dozens of paid pickers, into Israeli fields and orchards to gather produce donated or left unharvested by farmers. In 2013, nearly 20 million pounds of fruits and vegetables were collected from hundreds of farms and delivered to 180 nonprofit organizations […]