Leket Beet November 2017

The monthy update for our most dedicated supporters from CEO Gidi Kroch Guess Who’s (Not) Coming to Dinner? Both the Israel and the American Friends offices are continuing to pursue creative alternatives to the gala dinner fundraiser. Instead of hosting a gala dinner this year, in Israel, Leket hosted a concert event for the children […]

Leket Israel Opens a New Field in Binyamina

Leket Israel recently purchased a new field near Binyamina, where fruits and vegetables will be grown for the needy on an ongoing basis. For the first time in Leket’s history, some of the vegetables will be grown in greenhouses, enabling Leket to ensure a consistent supply of basic agricultural produce to hundreds of thousands of […]

Leket Beet September-October 2017

The monthy update for our most dedicated supporters from CEO Gidi Kroch First Harvest in Our New Binyamina Field The first harvest has begun at our new field in Binyamina, generously purchased for us by Pastor George Annadorai and Shalom Israel Asia Pacific. On October 15, Pastor George and 150 SIAP members came for the […]

GFN CEO Lisa Moon Bringing Leket’s Model Worldwide


As she visits Israel for the first time, Lisa Moon, CEO of the Global Food Banking Network aims to bring Leket’s unique model of rescuing fresh fruits and vegetables to food banks worldwide. Read the full story in the Jerusalem Post

Food Waste Prevention Tips

Half of the food that is thrown away can be saved and used. Learn how to rescue food and save time and money as you get ready for your pre-Rosh Hashanah shopping.  Moran Kilzi, Registered Dietician Shopping Plan in advance and create a shopping list to help you save money and eat better. Before going […]

Recycling Lost Food

In Israel, in 2016, 2.4 million tons of food was wasted. Half of it, 1.2 million tons, was fit for human consumption and able to be rescued. Leket Israel rescues fresh, quality food but there is a need to find a solution for the food waste that is inedible; the food that after sorting is […]

Feature in Canadian Jewish News

The Canadian Jewish News, Canada’s most widely read Jewish newspaper published a feature on the history and impact of Leket Israel. To read the article, please CLICK HERE.

See the Impact of Your Support

As they share their personal stories, Sivan, Korel, Lillian and Moshe – a single mother, an at-risk teenager, a Holocaust survivor, and a disabled elderly man, discuss the impact of Leket’s healthy, rescued food on their lives.