50 Students from JFS in London Glean With Leket Israel

A terrific group of students from the JFS School in London came to volunteer with Leket Israel – The National Food Bank today. With their hard work and enthusiasm, 50 students from the day school rolled up their sleeves to pick fresh butternut squash for distribution to Israelis in need. The squash that they gleaned will […]

Soy – What You Should Know

In order to provide a more complete, balanced and nutritious diet, Leket Israel’s nutrition department includes legumes and other plant-based sources of protein in the rescued food that Leket distributes to needy recipients.  Legumes such as lentils, peas and soybeans are very popular in the Israeli culinary world and are a source of protein that […]

Joseph Gitler Accepts Honorary Fellowship on Behalf of Leket

Last night, Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel’s Founder and Chairman, accepted  the Ruppin Academic Center’s 2017 Honorary Fellowship on behalf of Leket. This award is given to organizations and individuals who are selected as extraordinary examples of Israeli Zionist bodies that contribute to society and those that are identified  through their activities and actions as role […]

United With Israel Shares Leket Israel’s Story

Recognizing the need, and reasoning that “the best the way to run a food bank is to start your own,” that’s what Joseph Gitler did. Despite the Jewish state’s remarkable transformation since its establishment seven decades ago from a fledgling state to an economic and military powerhouse, a substantial number of Israelis are living below […]

Donations Featured at Nahalal’s Shavuot Celebration

“In the Jezreel Valley, where Jewish settlers first settled and worked the land, the main celebrations are to take place on Wednesday at 17:00, in the fields of Nahalal. The event is free, and will include the presenting of the moshav’s various produce, along with a demonstration of agricultural activities such as plowing, sowing and […]

Connecting People to Nature on World Environment Day

This year’s World Environment Day on June 5th, is focused on Connecting People to Nature, with various NGOs devoting their efforts towards linking their members back towards that which was given to us to enjoy from Day One. But one organization is taking the effort a little farther. Leading the world’s largest gleaning program, the […]