How to Reduce Food Waste at Your Shabbat Meal

Preparing food for a large Shabbat dinner can be hard. Making sure that everyone has enough to eat while managing eating restrictions and food preferences can result in a lot of extra food. While you may try and save the food to eat as leftovers the rest of the week, having the same meal over […]

Zucchini candies and lemon sesame for Hanukkah

Limor Laniado Tirosh shares a special, tasty and healthy recipe. More recipes can be found on her blog “Local Cooking” and in her book “Salad”. “Lovely and tasty pastries, that are easy to prepare and always excite guests. Zucchini has a tremendous ability to merge harmoniously with flavors and ingredients such as cheese, sesame and […]

Food is Never Just Food


Gidi Kroch, CEO Leket Israel Food is a cultural and emotional issue. It is an international language. We express love through the food we take the time to prepare for our friends and families, we take comfort in food and we indulge in it. Events are held around busy tables, good hosts are judged by […]

Leket Beet November 2019

The monthly update for our most dedicated supporters from Gidi Kroch Looking Back and Moving Forward into 2020 As 2019 draws to a close, we take this opportunity to reflect on the past year and plan for 2020. Each year we set goals (KPIs) for the coming year, looking at our expected income, evaluating the […]

From Managing Food Chains to Distributing Food

Gideon Ben-Ami, a retiree who previously ran food chains in Israel and abroad, currently heads the Pesia Kitchen organization in southern Tel Aviv. The association receives fresh agricultural produce from Leket Israel, twice a week.  Women in prostitution, malnourished children, at-risk children and many more are supported by the food provided by Leket Israel. Gideon […]

Spotlight on Leket Israel Partner

Over the past several years, Leket Israel has been fortunate to partner with the Jewish Community Youth Foundation (JCYF), a project of Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Mercer County (JFCS) in New Jersey. The goal of the project is to inspire local teens to invest in organizations that benefit the less fortunate, and […]

Meet Leket Israel Corporate Food Donor Idit Catering

Stas, a Leket Israel driver, arrives every day at 2pm at the corporate dining room Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a defense company, where the food is provided by Idit Catering. “We have been working with Leket Israel for the past 6 months,” Yossi Ben David, Director of Northern Operations at Idit Catering, states. “Stas brings […]

Ideas for Eating Healthy at School

– by Moran Kilzi, Nutritionist, Nutrition and Food Safety Coordinator Summer vacation is almost over and we’ll inevitably be returning to a daily routine. Along with normal activities, we should also return to proper dietary practices that will help improve children’s performance during school including a sense of alertness, concentration and even enhanced academic achievements. […]