Leket Israel Volunteering Featured in: igoogledIsrael’s Blog

After volunteering with Leket Israel and gleaning produce from our farms, Ashley had heigooglesisrael logor volunteer gleaning opportunities published in igoogledIsrael’s blog about How to travel with children in Israel – for 30 crazy days:

She describes the experience:

“The reason we had to leave so early was because we were volunteering to pick tomatoes for the needy at Leket, next to Rehovot, kind of on the way to Jerusalem. After all the good vibes and love we’ve been receiving over the last 2-3 weeks, it was time to give back…

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We met our picking partner Varda upon arrival, who quickly showed us what was what. It was actually much hotter than I anticipated, even for a summer in Israel, but we still managed to fill a few boxes to ensure some 20 families got fresh vegetables on their table this week. And the good vibes we felt ourselves were completely worth the sweat!”

-excerpted from igoogledisrael.com

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