Leket’s Founder Joseph Gitler’s Op-ed in The Jerusalem Post

Leket Israel’s Founder and Chairman Joseph Gitler writes about the current issues of poverty and hunger facing Israel today, despite its reputation as the start-up nation of innovation:

“Israel is given tremendous credit as a global leader in education, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, nearly one-fourth of the country lives below the poverty line.

It is imperative for Israel to take action to reduce the number of citizens who live below the poverty line. I feel the best approach is to start by examining the Scandinavian economic model. Through this exploration, Israel can learn how to incorporate more of a Nordic economic system and implement social democracy within a capitalist framework. This would help resolve social and economic conflicts.”

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“Israel has been incredibly innovative and creative, but it also needs to use that creativity and innovation in the governmental and not-for-profit fields. It is with this in mind that I started Leket Israel, the national food bank, more than 13 years ago.

Our response and solution at Leket Israel is characterized by a “start-up nation” DNA. We take an existing resource (excess food) and design the most effective and efficient way of maximizing its societal benefit.

Leket Israel currently redistributes about 16,000 tons of food on an annual basis. As a part of our broader food rescue mission, we aim to combat the country’s hunger and poverty problems.”

-Excerpted from Joseph Gitler’s article in The Jerusalem Post 

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