Marketing Department

Leket Israel’s Marketing Department utilizes different channel to increase Leket Israel’s awareness and its positive reputation in the general public, and in particular among decision-makers and opinion leaders. This department is essential for realizing the organization’s vision: to become Israel’s leading food rescue organization.

The Marketing Department spearheads: ongoing publicity and public relations in the local and national media, promotion of collaborations with various organizations, extensive social network activity, and partnerships between Leket Israel and a wide variety of target audiences in Israel and abroad. Leket’s new website is at the forefront of groundbreaking advances and innovation in food rescue. It enables users to learn about and get involved in Leket Israel’s activities: volunteering, food or monetary donations, and customized hands-on projects.

Additionally, the Marketing Department initiates extensive public advocacy through lobbying governmental bills, participating in Knesset committee sessions, meeting with Israeli members of Knesset, and commemorating World Food Day in Knesset each year. All of these actions serve to advance food rescue and raise consciousness of food waste among decision makers.

The Marketing Department gives supports to other Leket Israel departments as needed; particularly the Resource Development Department, through the creation of online campaigns, the annual gala event, producing promotional clips and providing online updates for donors.