Volunteering on vacation in Israel

Volunteering on vacation in Israel


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We harvested pomegranates for Leket Israel (the national food bank), which delivers 11,500 tons of produce to nonprofit agencies. Tel Aviv, Masada, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and Tzefat were great. Pictured: Rabbi Debra Orenstein, Beth and George Liepmann, Linda, David, Hana and Alex Spatz, Ellen and Bruce Sonkin, Ellen and David Michelson, Nancy and Mike Passow, Susan and Marty Casper, Renee and Warren Kuperinsky, Harvey Meer, Marvin Wolfert, Barbra Wilson, Marie Shust, Glenda Schlaifer, Rhona Siegal, Linda Landowsky, Arlene Ginsberg.

Warren Kuperinsky, Paramus

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