Volunteer Department

The Volunteer Department is responsible for volunteer recruitment, including receiving, assigning, accompanying and maintaining the volunteers according to their skills and the organization’s needs.

Since its establishment, Leket Israel has put a great emphasis on the value of  volunteerism to accomplish its mission. With the help of Leket’s tens of thousands of dedicated volunteers, Leket could not meet its annual goals. Leket’s volunteer program raises public awareness on the issues of food rescue and waste, and provides the opportunity for people to give back.

Leket Israel’s volunteers work in a wide array of its programs inlcuding picking fruits and vegetables with Leket’s Agricultural Gleaning Department. The activity takes place on Moshav Nahalal at the Hatov VeHaMetiv farm near Kvutzat Shiller and at Leket’s orchard in Tzuran. For many, this is a unique and truly meaningful way to celebrate important milestones such as a birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, anniversaries etc.

Sayeret Tapuz is a new volunteer project in which volunteers glean from trees in yards of private homes (with the tenant’s permission). The project is a good fit for school groups, youth movements, families, local authorities’ employees, etc. Volunteers locate an appropriate area, organize the activity and perform the picking. This project raises awareness among the general public regarding the importance of rescuing excess food. It offers people the chances to give back and contribute to their own community in an easy and experiential way.

Under Leket to Table’s oversight, volunteers collect prepared meals daily donated by hundreds of suppliers: banquet halls, food courts in malls, restaurants, and bakeries. The volunteers then transport it to the nearest Leket Partner NPO.

Volunteers also engage in sorting and packing produce at Leket’s logistics centers in Ra’anana and in Neshser in preparation for immediate distribution to Leket’s NPOs. In addition, Leket Israel utilizes professionals who volunteer by incorporating their skills to benefit Leket’s activities: photographers, paramedics, drivers, IT specialists, office managers, security guards etc.

52,000 volunteers assisted Leket Israel in 2015!

Operational Model

The Volunteer Department is comprised of three full time employees and a National Service volunteer. Their roles include:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Initiating calls to different organizations in order to garner more volunteers for Leket
  • Participates in fairs and other events in order to introduce volunteer opportunities at Leket to the public
  • Sends regular updates and a monthly volunteer newsletter about various hands-0n activities at Leket.
  • Assigning Volunteers
  • Matching volunteers with the organizational activity appropriate for them in accordance with their volunteer application and a short interview.
  • Coordinating groups, firms and other organizations, in relation to their preferences, number of volunteers and their geographical location.
  • Volunteer Retention
  • Meeting contact people in different organizations in order to maintain existing contacts.
  • Contacting different organizations to obtain discounts for recurring volunteers in order to deepen their involvement and interest in Leket.
  • Presents the Volunteer Award at Leket Israel’s annual fundraising event.

The department is always attentive to volunteer’s requests, and does its best to meet their needs.

Work Study for Students on Scholarships

The department also incorporates scholarship students into Leket’s activities and sends regular reports to their institutions of work study hours fulfilled.

National Service Volunteers

The Volunteer Department is responsible for recruiting National Service volunteers (those who volunteer instead of joining the IDF) in accordance with the needs of different Leket departments. The department assigns them to the core programs, looks after their welfare, and abides by national service guidelines. Leket reports their monthly work hours to their supervisors and monitors their absences.