From Managing Food Chains to Distributing Food

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Gideon Ben-Ami, a retiree who previously ran food chains in Israel and abroad, currently heads the Pesia Kitchen organization in southern Tel Aviv. The association receives fresh agricultural produce from Leket Israel, twice a week.  Women in prostitution, malnourished children, at-risk children and many more are supported by the food provided by Leket Israel.

Gideon recalls experiencing food insecurity as a child, “I was born in Petah Tikvah in the pre-state era.  As a young child, I remember experiencing food insecurity on a daily basis.  Food waste is something I’ve tried to prevent in every way, “he says.  Nearly a decade ago, he decided to stop his business and focus on giving to the community.

“At the organization, we distribute vegetables and fruits that we receive from Leket Israel. Thus, we provide healthy food to thousands of those in need in southern Tel Aviv, who would not otherwise be able to afford fresh produce.  

Excited about how important it is that Leket Israel comes twice a week and provides the vegetables and fruits that they would not have otherwise received, Gideon smiles with satisfaction. “It is very exciting to me because every person has a basic right to food and food security.  “Our days in southern Tel Aviv are difficult and complex, but at the end of each day, I go to bed and feel good knowing that, with the help of Leket Israel, I do what I can to help disadvantaged populations, receive fresh and healthy food.”

This nonprofit is one of 200 ‘Leket member’ associations that work in collaboration with the Leket Israel organization and deliver much needed food to Holocaust survivors and disadvantaged communities throughout Israel.

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