Ynet News: Largest IDF Base Donates Leftovers to Soup Kitchens

Leket Israel has officially initiated one of its most exciting partnerships yet with Israkirya ynetel’s largest IDF base – the Kirya (IDF HQ), in central Tel Aviv. In this venture, Leket is already collecting between 220-250 quality meals a day from the base. Ynet reports:

“Tel Aviv’s Kirya is joining a two-year-old program that brings uneaten soldiers’ food to soup kitchens serving the needy, elderly, and Holocaust survivors.The Kirya (IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv) cafeteria has joined up to an initiative that takes leftover foods uneaten by soldiers from army bases to soup kitchens that feeds hundreds of needy people, including senior citizens and Holocaust survivors.

The Leket Israel foundation is responsible for the project. Agency Relations Manager Pini Fefer stated that the collaboration with the army in collecting food from bases began two years ago: “Today, the army is our largest provider for cooked food. We are working with nearly 50 bases across the country and collecting leftovers every day. All in all, we receive some 45,000 meals from the army per month…

The IDF food is warmly and happily received by the soup kitchens. At one in Kiryat Ekron, whither the Kirya food is sent, A 77-year-old Holocaust survivor said, “I get food here regularly. The food is great, and I thank them for it. It’s not simple or easy for us, and they let us live with dignity.”

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The head of public relations in the IDF’s food center’s logistics division, Lt. Col. Tsala Sharma, said, “The leftover-food-donation project began in 2014 and with time has strengthened. We started with a few single units. It’s important for us that instead of being thrown into the trash, the food be transferred as a donation to the community. If there are leftovers anyway, then it’s important to donate to the right places.”

-Excerpted from ynetnews.com

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