Walnuts and Herbs – Not Just For the Seder Plate

Here’s a recipe for healthy and delicious Walnut and Herb Stuffed Eggplant Rolls, that is perfect both for the holiday season and as a year-round treat. Thank you to cookbook author Phyllis Glazer. Serve 2 pieces per person as a first course, 3 or more as a main course. Makes about 16 pieces. Ingredients: 3-4 […]

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Leket Israel’s Nutrition for Life Workshops Proper nutrition has a direct impact on family health. Most families in lower socioeconomic strata have diets that do not satisfy their daily nutritional needs with many skipping meals due to economic limitations. These families purchase processed food, filled with preservatives and damaging ingredients simply due to the misconception […]

Who is Leket Helping?


Meet Bella, 37, a single mother to three beautiful young boys. Through Leket Israel’s food rescue operation, Bella receives nutritious meals and fresh produce from a local distribution center in Netanya. After emigrating from Russia in 1979, Bella built a new life for herself in Israel, but faced significant financial and cultural hardships. Bella currently […]

Leket Says Thank You To The IDF

A Day in Israel’s Knesset Food Rescue at the Forefront During a special day dedicated to raising awareness for food rescue in Israel’s Knesset, Leket Israel had the opportunity to present its second annual Food Waste and Rescue Report. Gidi Kroch, Leket Israel’s CEO, and Chen Herzog, Chief Economist at BDO Ziv Haft, reported on its […]