Organizational Departments

Essential information about Leket Israel organizational departments, their activities and how to contact them:


Project Leket – Gleaning

This department rescues thousands of tons of nutritious and high quality produce slated for destruction or wasted along the food chain.



Leket’s Logistics Department makes up the DNA of the organization; constantly seeking to maximize the organization’s economic efficiency while transporting food donations from numerous locations to multiple other points,  and at the same time, ensuring its quality and safety.


NPO Agency Relations

The NPO Agency Relations Department is responsible for the ongoing relationship between Leket Israel and the hundreds of Leket partner NPOs. This is based on full transparency in our sharing of information. 



The Volunteer Department is responsible for volunteer recruitment, including receiving, assigning, accompanying and maintaining the volunteers according to their skills and the organization’s needs.


Nutrition and Food Safety

Leket’s department of nutrition and food safety was established in order improve the quality and variety of food that Leket provides to its nonprofit partners.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting the most suitable employees, retaining existing employees while increasing their level of commitment by initiating activities for their welfare that affect the work environment, the pleasant atmosphere and the overall culture of the organization. 


Resource Development

The Resource Development Department initiates and manages fundraising from various organizations, foundations, corporations and individuals on an ongoing basis, to support Leket Israel’s food rescue activities.


PR & Marketing

Leket Israel’s Marketing Department utilizes different channel to increase Leket Israel’s awareness and its positive reputation in the general public, and in particular among decision-makers and opinion leaders. This department is essential for realizing the organization’s vision: to become Israel’s leading food rescue organization.