Leket Israel’s Board of Directors

Ms. Diana Bogoslawsky

Ms. Diana Bogoslawsky is an economist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in agriculture and management. She worked as a representative at Mizrahi Bank

Cheri Fox

Ms. Cheri Fox

Ms. Cheri Fox has served as the Executive Director of the Sam and Marilyn Fox Foundation for the past 32 years.  In addition to her

David Ginzburg

Mr. David Ginzburg

A world-leading expert with over 40 years of experience in agricultural insurance & reinsurance. Former CEO of Israel’s Insurance Fund for Natural Risks in Agriculture

Mr. Avi Hochman

Mr. Avi Hochman was the CEO of ISS Israel, and served as President & CEO of Gaon Holdings Group LTD and as President & CEO of

Dr. Jonathan Kolodny

Dr. Kolodny was appointed CEO of the Keter Group, the world’s leading resin consumer goods company, in November 2016, after having served as CEO of

Asher Levi

Mr. Asher Levy

Mr. Asher Levy has been the Chief Executive Officer of Orbotech (Nasdaq ORBK) since January 2013. Prior to this, for over 2 decades he served

Mr. Stephen Provisor

Mr. Stephen Provisor is a qualified CPA in the UK and Israel.  Since 2002, he has managed a multi family office in Israel. Stephen is