Leket Express: Serving Abandoned Communities

Leket ExpressLeket Israel’s newly launched project, Leket Express, aims to provide free, nutritious produce to underserved populations who lack adequate access elsewhere.

Leket Express operates in four cities – Netanya and Rishon Lezion in central Israel; Mevaseret Zion, outside of Jerusalem; and Dimona, in southern Israel. Each location serves approximately 200 Israelis in need. Every morning, a truck departs Leket’s Logistics Center in Gan Haim (central Israel) stocked with fresh surplus produce. Upon arriving at its destination, the truck is transformed into a grocery store, complete with shelving, a ramp, and an awning. The recipients are encouraged to browse the shop and select their desired produce, offering a dignified experience. Each household receives around 55-66 lbs. of fresh produce weekly. Additionally, on their first visit to Leket Express, each family receives a reusable shopping bag to help them carry their groceries home.

 For 20 years, Leket has been providing rescued produce directly to nonprofit organization (NPO) partners, rather than directly to recipients. Although there are over 3,000 food pantries throughout the country, many organizations are not registered with the government, hindering Leket’s ability to partner with them. Leket Express facilitates increased collaboration with municipalities in periphery communities, leading to a combined effort to serve marginalized populations and areas that have historically lacked support. Mobile distribution can respond and deliver produce as needed, service predetermined distribution routes, or even provide emergency relief at times of disaster or conflict.

Leket has received full funding for this wonderful project from Citibank Global thanks to its strong, longstanding partnership with Citibank Israel. This initiative was one of only 50 projects chosen to receive support, and the only one in Israel.

 “There are many communities in Israel who do not receive support from the government or local nonprofits,” explains Tal Shafran Zatlavi, Project Manager of Leket Express. “Leket Express allows us to provide vital, nutritious produce to underserved populations who have been going without for far too long. This project is especially vital during the current situation, with many displaced people who do not have access to their normal means for receiving food.”


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