Law Passed to Promote Food Donations in Israel

After 10 years of intensive work, and for the first time in Israel, the Food Donation Act passed in the Knesset plenum.

Today, the Knesset plenum unanimously approved the Bill to encourage the rescue of food surplus in second and third readings. This bill was vigorously promoted by its initiators, MKs Uri Maklev, Moshe Gafni, Yehiel Hilik Bar, Orly Levi Abekasis, Shuli Mualem and Mordechai Yogev, assisted by Leket Israel.

Over the years, the population suffering from food insecurity has grown, including many children. Food organizations, such as restaurants, banquet halls, restaurant dining rooms, retail chains and hotels, refuse to donate surplus food preferring to throw into the garbage for fear that civil or criminal liability would be imposed on them for damage caused by the food donated.

The purpose of the Food Donation Act is to protect food donors and food associations, who meet food safety standards, against criminal and civil claims for their donations.

Gidi Kroch, CEO of Leket Israel said “”The Food Donation Act” opens the door to hundreds of organizations and business companies that are currently not taking part in food donations due to the uncertainty regarding protection against claims. According to estimates, the law will triple the scope of food donations and expand food rescue activities. This is a tremendous opportunity to address food insecurity and reduce social gaps in Israel.”

We at Leket Israel will continue to work on the parliamentary level to pave the way for broader and safer paths to saving food in Israel.

News Coverage for the Food Donation Act

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