Leket Beet July 2021

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Hope or Mope

With the installation of the new Israeli government and changes of personnel in the relevant offices, we at Leket Israel, are hopeful that food rescue will be part of the new government’s agenda. 

The past few months have been a political challenge for Leket, trying to develop relationships with the different parties, by inviting all of them to visit the Leket Israel Logistics Center, to see the world of food rescue in action. We have been very successful in bringing a number of MKs and potential ministers on both sides of the political arena. As an apolitical organization we are on the side of food rescue and invited anyone who was interested in learning more, to become educated about food rescue in Israel and Leket’s vision.

Leket is a member of a group of food aid organizations that believes in setting aside politics in order to prioritize providing food to people who need it. Together, we aim to achieve the ultimate (current) goal of earmarking NIS 225 million ($69m) for food security in the base of the national budget. Leket also believes that for the same amount of money there should be allocation required for food rescue due to the benefits. While advancing policy is something we believe strongly in, our main focus is and will always be food rescue. We work with policy makers to create legislation where possible, but never at the expense of our daily operations. Along with our partners, we will lead food rescue and join food security initiatives.

Following the news is important to understand the changes in the wind.  Of all the editorials that I read regarding the new government, one was different and caught my eye.  Perhaps because I was looking for it? This editorial discussed the differences between the previous and current government. One of the differences mentioned was that with Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister, Israel will strive to mend its diaspora relations. Another significant difference is that the current government appears to be more interested in social and community building, specifically as it applies to welfare. And this gives us a good reason to hope. If this assessment turns out to be true, then we have a better chance at reaching our goal and increasing the impact on those at risk of food insecurity in Israel. It is critical that post-COVID-19, we take a good look at the financial crisis of those that really suffered and continue to suffer in the wake of the pandemic. 

Will this happen and will the winds of change really carry a new beginning for the people in need in Israel? I hope not to mope.

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