Making it a Sweet New Year

Following two years of Covid-19, many Israelis have unfortunately joined the circle of poverty, unable to provide the necessities for their families. Compounded by the impact of the war in Ukraine and the rising cost of living, many Israelis are finding it difficult to make ends meet this high holiday season.

In light of this, Leket Israel, with the help of a matching gift from a prominent US donor, has developed a special project for Rosh Hashanah. Leket is providing Israelis in need with a variety of holiday-specific produce that they would not necessarily buy for themselves but are important symbols for celebrating the holiday. In addition to apples and pomegranates, Leket Israel is also distributing honey, leeks, walnuts, squash, dates, and beets, which have been purchased from Leket’s farmer partners. Over the past few weeks, the packages have been delivered to 30,000 families across the country through 170 of Leket Israel’s nonprofit partner agencies.

“We wanted to do something special for the holiday, especially during this time when the need is increasing as a result of the rising cost of living,” shares Chen Feldhamer, Director of Agency Relations at Leket Israel. “These special Rosh Hashanah symbols enable those who are suffering to not only have a meal on the table, but to also be able to really celebrate the holiday. The reaction from the nonprofits has been tremendous, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to make this New Year a happy one.” 

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