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Welcome to the Table to Table – Leket Israel (Reg. N.P.O) Website (the “Website” and “Leket Israel,” respectively).

Leket Israel Registration No. is 580407633, and its address is 11 HaSadna Street, Ra’anana 4365006. The Website operates at www.leket.org and any other landing page or domain, in accordance with Leket Israel’s discretion.

Any attempt to use the Website, including the content, products and/or services offered by it, evidences your consent to these Terms of Use, and the Website’s Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here. The Website may additionally contain rules and specific and/or different instructions in connection with the activities, services and/or certain Leket Israel products (“Additional Terms”). Any attempt to use the Website also constitutes your consent to the Additional Terms. These Terms of Use, the Additional Terms, and the Privacy Policy will be referred hereinafter jointly as: the “Binding Documents.”

Please read the Binding Documents carefully. They specify your rights and obligations when using the Website. The Binding Documents may be amended, so please revisit them to stay up-to-date from time to time.

If you do not agree to the terms of the Binding Documents, please refrain from using the Website.

The Binding Documents apply to use of the Website via any computer or other device (e.g., smart phones, smart watches, tablets, etc.). They are formulated in the masculine linguistic form for the sake of convenience only, but naturally refer also to women.

The meaning of the term “Content” or “Contents” is any verbal, visual, or auditory content, or any combination thereof, or any one of them, as well as their design, processing, editing, and the manner of their display.

About Leket Israel and Website In a Nutshell

Leket Israel engages in harvesting surplus agricultural produce, collecting cooked meals, and sorting and distributing them to the needy throughout Israel.

The Website provides information, content, and services relating to Leket Israel and its fields of activity, designed for the general public, and stakeholders in various fields (such as information and registration for events, or to volunteer with Leket Israel, news and updates, reports on surplus agricultural produce, information on Leket Israel’s activities at the Knesset, directions how to reach Leket Israel’s facilities, and more).

The Website contains extensive information about Leket Israel, its history, its organizational structure, its officers, wanted ads, and more, and includes Leket Israel’s financial statements, Articles of Association, and Certificate of Proper Management, as well as awards and prizes won by Leket Israel.

Leket Israel has sole discretion to decide what content will be presented on the Website, the length of time during which they will be presented, their location and design, and any other matter related thereto, including the removal of content from the Website.

The Website includes links to Leket Israel’s pages on various social networks. Your attention is called to the fact that using the aforementioned social networks is at your own risk, and is naturally subject to legal documents (such as terms of use and privacy policies) governing the operation of those services (which are not offered by and on behalf of Leket Israel, and are not its responsibility and/or liability).

The Website may include information and content in different professional fields. The content on the Website is designed to provide general information and guidance only. Use of these materials does not constitute advice, any recommendation, or expert opinion, and is no substitute for consultation with a specialist in the relevant field, if necessary.

Use of the Website

The Website, its content and services, may be used in accordance with the Binding Documents. The Website may not be used in any other way, unless you have received Leket Israel’s express consent, in advance, in writing, and subject to the conditions prescribed in said permission (if granted). Inter alia

  • The Website may not be used in a manner that constitutes, or may constitute, a criminal offense or a civil tort, or that infringes Leket Israel’s rights, the rights of any third party, or the provisions of any applicable law;
  • The Website may be used for personal (non-commercial) and educational purposes only. It is clarified, that use for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited, unless stated otherwise;
  • You may not copy or use, or permit others to copy or use, in any other way, content from the Website, including the websites, applications, or any other advertisement, for any other purpose;
  • You may not operate or allow the operation of any computer application or other means, including Crawlers, Robots, etc., in order to search, scan, copy, or automatically retrieve content from the Website.
  • You may not create or use such tools in order to create any compilation, collection, or database containing content from the Website;
  • You may not display content from the Website in a Frame, visible or concealed;
  • Measures to circumvent, neutralize, or overcome the security mechanisms on the Website may not be employed, and you may not harm, slow down, or interfere with the Website’s proper operation;
  • You may not present Website content in any way – including by means of any software, device, apparatus, or communication protocol that change its design or removes content or information from it;
  • You may not link the Website to, or link to the Website, other content from any source, and especially not link to the Website, or link the Website to, harmful content, pornographic content, content promoting racism or wrongful discrimination, or which are illegal or encourage unlawful activity, or the publication of which is contrary to the law;
  • You may not link Website content to content which is not the Website homepage (deep link), nor present or publish any such content in any other way, unless the deep link is to an Internet page on the Website in its entirety, and as it is, so they it can be viewed and used in exactly the same manner as viewing and using it on the Website.

You undertake that all information you provide to the Website will be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. You further declare and undertake, that any information and/or data that you provide Leket Israel is duly and lawfully provided by you.

Direct Mailing, Notices, and Newsletters

By agreeing to the Binding Documents by using the Website, or if you provided us with your contact details in the designated areas, such confirmation or provision also constitutes explicit consent as far as Leket Israel, or its representatives, are concerned, to be entitled to send you advertisements as defined in the provisions of the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) Act 1982-5742.

The advertisements will be sent to you per the contact information you provided during the registration process on the Website, or in other cases in which you give us your contact details, such as through the ‘contact us’ forms on the Website.

You can always withdraw your consent, and notify us that you refuse to receive advertisements, in general or of any specific type, by sending a ‘notice of refusal.’ The manner for sending the notice of refusal will be stipulated in the advertising materials you receive.

Leket Israel may use the contact information you provided also for the purposes of sending other content. For example, content that does not constitute ‘advertisements,’ such as operational messages, and newsletters that are not advertisements.

Website Registration

Using the Website does not require registration or provision of any details whatsoever.

However, the Website contains various sections that include registration forms, contact forms, or other forms, in which you will be prompted to give us information and contact details, in accordance with specific needs and circumstances.

Some of these registration forms are permanent forms, and others ‘seasonal,’ depending on the various activities undertaken by Leket Israel. For example –

  • To report surplus agricultural produce to Leket Israel, you will be prompted to provide your full name, phone number, email, and details of the relevant location.
  • To subscribe to Leket Israel’s information newsletters, you will be prompted to provide your email only.
  • To register to volunteer at Leket Israel, you will be asked to provide your full name, phone number, email, city of residence, mark the voluntary activity in which you wish to participate, and note whether you have ever participated in Leket Israel’s activity in the past.
  • To the extent that you express an interest in any wanted ads placed by Leket Israel, you will be asked to mark the desired job, your full name, address, phone number, email, and attach a resume.

Wanted ads, by their nature, are subject to change from time to time. No wanted ad constitutes a commitment on behalf of Leket Israel to man the position, or hire any User who sent a resume through the Website.

If necessary, and in its exclusive discretion, Leket Israel may contact you and invite you for an interview, in order to review your suitability for the desired position.

  • To virtually contact Leket Israel, you will be asked to provide on the contact form, the subject matter of the request, your full name, email, phone number, and a complete message.
  • When registering for events held by Leket Israel, you will be prompted to provide your full name, email, telephone number, and the number of participants in the event.

Website registration is permitted for persons aged 18 years and over only. You declare and acknowledge that you are 18 years old or older. If you are not yet 18 years old, you can register only by agency of your parents or legal guardian.


Some of the registration forms may require you to accept the terms of the Binding Documents, or some of them. You can complete registration in every such instance after the necessary information has been submitted during the process, and after receiving your consent to the Binding Documents.

When you provide personal information to Leket Israel, you must provide only correct, accurate, and complete details. Incorrect details may prevent you from participating in the requested activity, and if and when necessary, thwart our ability to contact you.

The information you provide will be stored by Leket Israel. You are not under any legal obligation to provide the information, and providing the information is dependant on your consent and wishes; however, absent provision of the necessary information, you will not be able to complete the relevant registration forms, and the information provided will not be integrated into Leket Israel’s systems.

Leket Israel will not make any use of your details other than in accordance with the Website’s Privacy Policy [Link to the Privacy Policy], which constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use.

In any event, you must naturally refrain from sending Leket Israel, whether through any registration forms, or any other way, content and information of any type that is illegal, blatantly sexual by nature, troublesome, insulting, hostile, threatening, rude, racist, an afront to public decency, encouraging the commission of a crime, anything that could be cause for a legal action or civil liability, defamatory, violating a person’s privacy, or constituting any other violation of the law.


You will find on the Website links to different pages and content on the Internet. Most of these content (including any product and/or service available in them) do not belong to Leket Israel (“Third Party Content”). Leket Israel does not control or monitor them.

The links to such content does not indicate Leket Israel’s consent to said content, and does not constitute a recommendation pertaining to said Third-Party Content, or any guarantee of their reliability, their being up-to-date, their legality, the customs employed by the content owners with respect to privacy, and any other aspect involved therewith.

You may find that such Third Party Content is unsuitable to you, or that you object to it, or believe it to be annoying, irritating, inappropriate, illegal, or immoral.

Leket Israel is not responsible and/or liable for the Third-Party Content, nor for any outcome caused by using them, or relying on them.

It is hereby clarified, that Leket Israel does not undertake that any links found on the Website will operate normally and redirect you to an active Internet page, and it may remove links from the Website that were previously displayed on it, in its discretion. It is further clarified, that the Third Party Content may be subject to other terms and conditions, policies, and documents. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with such policies, terms and conditions, and documents, prior to using any Third-Party Content.

Thus, for instance, the Website includes a link that enables donation of funds to Leket Israel. Clicking on the link redirects to the “Israel Donates” website, which is an external website, i.e. Third Party Content, operated by the Israel Donates Corporation Ltd. [Comp. Reg. No. 514228766], and not by Leket Israel.

The use of the “Israel Donates” website is not subject to the Binding Documents, but to legal agreements that regulate the activities of the “Israel Donates” website.


Leket Israel respects your privacy when using the Website. The Websites’ Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Binding Documents. Since the Privacy Policy may be amended, we recommend that you revisit it and peruse it from time to time.

Content of a Commercial Nature

Leket Israel may display on the Website, in its discretion, content of a commercial nature or advertising, including content derived from supporters and sponsors. Such content is an example of Third Party Content, and Leket Israel will not be held responsible or liable for content of a commercial nature published on the Website by third parties.

Leket Israel does not write, review, verify, or edit the content of these publications, or their veracity. Sole responsibility and liability for the commercial content, and for any outcome caused due to use of it, or relying on it, applies exclusively to its publishers.

Publishing content of a commercial nature on the Website does not constitute a recommendation to purchase the services, assets, or products that may be offered. Any transaction executed following exposure to the commercial content published on the Website, will be agreed on directly between you and the relevant publisher.

Leket Israel is not a party to any such transaction, and will not bear responsibility or liability for the services or goods offered through said commercial content.

Intellectual Property

All copyright and intellectual property in the Website, and in any content published on it, are Leket Israel’s absolute property, or belong to other third parties who permitted Leket Israel to use them.

You may not copy, distribute, publicly perform, transmit, make accessible to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell, or lease any part of these, yourself or by agency of any third party, in any way or media, without receiving prior written consent from Leket Israel or the other owners of the rights, as applicable, and subject to the terms and conditions of the consent (if granted).

Trademarks and advertisements by advertisers on the Website (if any, including supporters and sponsors) are the exclusive property of those advertisers and sponsors. No use may be made of them without the advertiser’s prior written consent.

Leket Israel respects the intellectual property of other parties. If you believe that use has been made of your work, in a manner that infringes your rights, you are welcome and are requested to inform Leket Israel thereof immediately, in writing. Steps taken by Leket Israel, if any, in reliance on the information provided to it, will not constitute proof of any infringement of any right whatsoever.


With respect to any limitation of Leket Israel’s liability noted in any place (or the absence of responsibility or liability) the intention shall also be to the liability of its employees, managers, and those acting by virtue of its power or on its behalf.

Use of the Website and any content or service therein, will be at your sole and absolute responsibility and risk.

Leket Israel will not bear responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damages to you, to anyone acting on your behalf, or to any third party, including with respect to any damage, loss, or expense, which stem, or arise, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Website or any content included on it.

The Website may be used as it is. It cannot be adapted to match the needs of any particular individual. You will have no claim, legal action, or demand against Leket Israel with respect to the Website and any content included therein, their capabilities, limitations, the rules customarily applied in them, and their suitability to you and your needs.

Every decision you take with respect to the content published on the Website, or the use thereof, is exclusively at your own risk.

Leket Israel does not warrant that the Website’s services and contents will not be disrupted or interrupted, function safely and error-free, or be immune to unauthorized access to Leket Israel’s computers, nor from any damages, malfunctions, or failures – in respect of the hardware, software, communication lines and systems, of Leket Israel or at any of its suppliers.


You undertake to indemnify Leket Israel, its employees, officers, or representatives, on account of any damages, loss, lost profits, payment, or expense incurred by it – including legal fees and Court Costs – due to any breach of the Binding Documents, as well as on account of any act or omission committed by you.

Additionally, you will indemnify Leket Israel and anyone acting on its behalf, in respect of any claim, legal action, or demand raised against them by any third party whatsoever, resulting from any use you made of the Website.

Changes and Termination of Activities

Leket Israel is entitled to change the structure, appearance, and design of the Website, the scope and availability of its services, and every and any other aspect of it – without having to notify you thereof in advance.

Such changes will be made, inter alia, considering the dynamic nature of the Internet, and technological and other changes taking place on it.

By their nature, such changes may result in malfunctions or may initially cause discomfort. You will have no claim, legal action, or demand against Leket Israel on account of such changes, or any malfunctions occurring as a result of their implementation.

Leket Israel will also be entitled to terminate, at any time, the Website’s activities, in whole or in part. If possible, Leket Israel will post an advance notice on the Website concerning the cessation of activities a reasonable time in advance.

Amending the Binding Documents

Leket Israel is entitled from time to time to amend the provisions of these Terms of Use, and of any of the Binding Documents.

If possible, if any material changes are made to the Terms of Use or the Binding Documents, notice thereof will be published on the Website’s home page, or we will send you notice thereof using the contact details you provided us.

Links to the Binding Documents posted on the Website will always link to the updated version of said Binding Documents.

Continued use of the Website after the updated Binding Documents have been posted, evidences your agreement to them. If you do not agree to the new provisions of the Binding Documents, you must desist from making any use of the Website.

Law and Jurisdiction

Use of the Website will exclusively be subject to the laws of the State of Israel.

Exclusive local jurisdiction in respect of any matter arising from the Binding Documents, or from the Website, is vested exclusively in the competent courts of the Central District, Israel.


If Leket Israel transfers its rights and obligations in respect of the Website, or any part thereof, to a third party, its is entitled to also assign its rights and obligations, in whole or in part, under the Binding Documents.

As a Website User, you are not entitled to assign any right or obligation under the Binding Documents, furthermore, you may not pledge, endorse, mortgage, lend, or grant any rights in any of these to any third party whatsoever. Any act or omission contrary to the foregoing – is null and void.

Contact Us

Leket Israel is meticulous in complying with the law, and respects the rights of Website Users.

If you believe that Leket Israel published content on the Website that harms you in any way, or violates your rights, please contact us, and we will endeavour to process your request as soon as possible.

All the contact details, including an online form designed for this, is to be found on the “Contact Us” page on the Website.