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Match Made in Heaven - Wedding Celebrations

Mazal Tov on your forthcoming wedding in Israel!

Leket is the leading food rescue organization in Israel that serves the poor. 

The leftovers from your wedding can help feed the needy.

At no cost and no effort from you, Leket can collect the leftover food from your wedding the following morning, for distribution to needy populations in Israel.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Due to the large interest of families overseas to host their weddings and Simchas in Israel, we would like to offer a meaningful initiative for couples and families, giving them the opportunity to benefit others at the same time as celebrating their own joyous occasion. 

When planning a wedding in Israel, many ask ‘where do all the leftovers go’ and not all caterers are actually even aware that they can donate what is left over in their kitchens at the end of the event.  Just recently, after 10 years of intensive work by Leket Israel, the Food Donation Act was unanimously approved by the Knesset to encourage the rescue of surplus food.  This means that caterers are able to and encouraged, to donate surplus food from events.

The Match Made in Heaven Initiative includes:

Food Collection

Leket Israel would be delighted to collect any leftover food from the kitchens for redistribution at the end of your event. All we need is the contact information for your caterer, the venue and date of the event and we will do the rest. If the couple would like us to, Leket will also be happy to print cards to be placed on the tables at the event notifying the guests of the host’s connection with Leket Israel.

 Volunteering Activities

Leket Israel offers volunteering activities for a pre or post wedding activity with families and guests from abroad so you can spend some quality time with the people who come to celebrate with you. Come sort and pack rescued produce for distribution to Leket’s nonprofit partners at its Raanana Logistics Center or pick fruits and vegetables for the needy with our Project Leket gleaning initiative. These enjoyable activities last no more than a couple of hours and are suitable for the whole family. 

Volunteering Opportunities Include: 

  • LEKET ON THE MOVE: Sort and pack rescued produce for distribution to our nonprofit partners at our Ra’anana Logistics Center. Sunday- Thursday, 10:00am-12:00pm or 1:30pm-3:30pm. This is an indoor hands-on activity in our warehouse and is not suitable for children under 6.
  • HARVEST HELPERS: Pick fruits and vegetables for the needy with our Project Leket gleaning initiative. This is an outdoor hands-on activity suitable for all ages.
    • HaTov VeHametiv field near Rehovot in central Israel. Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm or 1:00pm-3:00pm. On Thursdays until 1:00pm only.
    • Binyamina – picking cucumbers/peppers/tomatoes on Mondays, Wednesdays 08:30-14:30, every 2 hours, groups up to 50 participants ages 17+.

Crowdfunding Platform

What better way to celebrate your new family than by ensuring that others have food to eat. Set up your own personal FundMe page where friends and family can donate directly to Leket Israel in your honor. Check out a sample here

Donations are tax-deductible in Canada, Israel, the US, and UK. 

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