Mishpatim Recipe – Fig, Goat Cheese and Mint Salad

Brigitte Mizrahi Preparation time : 10 min 4 Servings Ingredients 1/2 cup of toasted pecans chopped finely 6 oz of soft ‘Natural and Kosher’ goat cheese at room temperature 8 figs Mint leaves Directions 1) Place the pecans in a shallow dish. 2) With your hands, form the goat cheese into 12 equal balls. 3) […]

Parashat Mishpatim

Leket Israel and Parashat Mishpatim The work of Leket Israel is, in part, a response to one of the most significant challenges we all face: how should we respond to social inequality? “Feed Your Servant as You Would Feed Yourself” Ed Greenstein is Professor of Biblical Studies and Head of the Institute of Jewish Biblical […]

Annual Tournament Supports Leket Israel

The Israel Recreational Hockey Association is hosting its annual ice hockey tournament at the Canada Center in Metulla, Israel, February 10-14. Proceeds from the event will go to support the charitable activities of Leket Israel, Israel’s National Food Bank. Donations towards registration can be made on the Tournament event page. Read on for more information: […]

Yitro Recipe – Ten Commandments Challah

Carol Unger Ingredients for one loaf 1/2 tablespoon yeast 1 cup lukewarm water 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup oil 3 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 egg yolk Instructions for one loaf Dissolve the yeast in 1 cup of luke warm water. Add 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup oil, 3 cups flour, 1 teaspoon salt […]

Parashat Yitro

Leket Israel and Parashat Yitro Leket Israel was founded and is run and supported by people who believe that those fortunate enough to enjoy tasty, nutritious food should do their best to share it with those less fortunate. Eating before God Gilla Rosen is the Dean of the Yakar Center for Tradition and Creativity (Jerusalem […]

Run for a Cause with Leket Israel

For the first time, Leket Israel, Israel’s National Food Bank, is inviting you to run with us – and help us to rescue food for hundreds of thousands of needy Israelis! Join our fundraising team and you’ll get free entry into the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Marathons (or a 150 NIS gift card from Wertheimer […]

Parashat Beshalach

Leket Israel and Parashat Beshalach Once the Israelites had finished the matzah they baked as they were leaving Egypt, God gave them a constant supply of food that required minimal effort on their part to gather or prepare — manna. The precise way in which food is given can affect in psychological ways — negatively […]

Beshalach Recipe – Almond Stuffed Dates

Shoshana Ohriner Makes 12 12 large medjool dates 1/4 cup almond paste 12 whole almond Cut a slit in the side of each date and remove the pit. Pinch off a small piece of the almond paste and roll it into a cylinder that is a bit shorter than the date. Stuff the date with […]

Parashat Bo

Leket Israel and Parashat Bo From Egypt on, food is at the heart of the Passover experience. At Leket Israel we do what we can to honour the Passover Haggadah’s timeless invitation: Let all who are hungry come and eat! Slow Cooking versus Fast Food In memory of my father, Dr. Norman Rosenfeld (Nata Shmuel […]

Bo Recipe – Passover Matzo Balls

Jamie Geller My cousin Bracha gave me this recipe for light, fluffy and perfectly round matzo balls when I moved to Israel and asked her where to find matzo ball mix. I will NEVER go back to making Matzo Balls from a mix again. Prep Time : 10 minutes Cook Time: 30-40 min Ready Time […]