In 2020, Leket Israel rescued a record amount of 18,500 tons of fresh agricultural produce, 20% more than anticipated. With Leket’s move to a new Logistics Center in Gan Haim (central Israel), Leket is now able to rescue even more produce, and has increased the produce rescue goal for this year at 21,500 tons.


To facilitate the packing and delivery of the new increased volume of incoming fruit and vegetables, Leket Israel purchased a brand-new sorting machine, designed and built in Israel. The machine includes a 16.5-foot long conveyor belt which can sort 10 tons of fruit and vegetables per hour. Additionally, the machine has a washing station that removes any dirt from the produce, before sending it off to Leket’s nonprofit organization (NPO) partners.  Thanks to the new sorting machine, Leket will be able to handle the large quantities of produce in a more efficient way, and will be able to supply the NPOs with an increased amount of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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